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The Italian Culture Worldwide Rotary Fellowship is an association open to all, Italians and non-Italians, and aims to create an International Service Network between all people interested in Italian culture, Italian cultural and social associations in Italy and in the world, and all institutions and individuals who are interested in or actively dedicate themselves to the study, promotion and analysis of Italian culture and its diffusion in the world. The ICWRF will therefore offer to individuals and institutions pre-established channels for contacts, research, scholarships, events, visits, and exchanges, in order to deepen all aspects of the dissemination of Italian culture in the world.

Based on a common interest for  Italian culture and on the example of Italian immigrants, the purpose  of the ICWRF is also to promote cooperation and collaboration among various cultures, peoples and countries, using the Rotary network both for studying and analysing the common and sharable roots, and for better understanding how different cultures adapt and integrate with other cultures, paying particular attention to immigration problems and fostering thereby international understanding and consensus. 

The ICWRF also intends to find in the common interest for Italian culture and in the example of Italian emigrants a reason for collaboration between different cultures, peoples and nations, using the Rotarian network both to deepen and study the shared roots, and to better understand the mechanisms of adaptation and integration between cultures, focusing in particular on the problems of emigration and thus promoting international understanding and agreement.

In its action the Fellowship aims to participate actively in current Rotary International Actions and Programmes, collaborating with Districts and Clubs, and to collaborate with other Rotarian Fellowships.