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The ICWRF originated from the common actions of a small group of Rotarians from different continents, who met through Rotary exchanges and international projects, and for almost ten years have been using their friendship and their contacts for supporting their own districts Rotarian international projects.  Thanks to the commitment of the first three friends, Nilo Fanucchi, R.C. Carpinteria, California USA, Ross Forgione, R.C. Archerfield, Australia, e Franco Clemente, R. C. Naples Castel dell’Ovo (Italy), the projects became a program, the Italian Culture Worldwide (ICW), managed at the beginning in the frame of the actions of an other already existing Rotarian Fellowship, the “Magna Graecia Fellowship”. Other six friend then joined (Michelangelo Ambrosio, R.C. Ottaviano, Italy, Corrado Perrone, R.C. Roma Campidoglio, Italy, Rus deFuria, R.C. Upper Darby – Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA, Mario Burcheri, R.C. Pilar, Argentina, Ramon Martin Amoros, R.C. Mendoza Tajamar, Argentina, and Luis Espinoza Garrido, R.C. Villarica, Chile) and all the nine together founded the ICWRF – Italian Culture Worldwide Rotarian Fellowship, which was officially recognized by Rotary International at the end of November 2010.