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As members of the Italian Culture Worldwide Rotary Fellowship (ICWRF – Rotarian Professional Circle for Italian Culture in the World) we are committed to pursuing:

  1. The development of knowledge, collaboration and leadership among those who combine acceptance of the principles of Rotary with an interest in Italian culture over the centuries and in modern Italian society in Italy and abroad, in order to use such common interest as an opportunity to encourage and support Rotarian ideals, especially those of understanding between peoples and integration between cultures.
  2. The promotion of interest in Italian culture, the deepening of all its aspects, and the study of its diffusion abroad with its local influences and changes, especially through single or mass emigration.
  3. Support for public events, research and community services promoted by Rotarian (Districts, Clubs, Fellowships, etc.) or non-Rotarian organizations (Governments, Local Bodies, Universities, Non-Governmental Associations, etc.) advantage and help for all those who are genuinely interested in Italian culture in general or its individual aspects.
  4. Service to anyone, Rotarian or non-Rotarian, who seeks, researches, wants to learn more, needs help and support in one of the program’s fields of action.
  5. The study of the possible application in the case of other cultures and other national groups of the mechanisms for spreading Italian culture abroad and its adaptation to local society and values.
  6. In general, support for the advancement of understanding, goodwill and international peace, through an international network of friendship and collaboration between professionals and businessmen united in the ideals of service, respecting their individual nations and their own values, and in the interest of Italian culture and values ​​of life.

To better achieve the aims of the program, its organization and operation will be designed to foster the common work of Rotarians from as many different nations as possible, using modern electronic means of communication and facilitating meetings and communications at distance via internet; any organizational change, also possibly in function of new means of communication and transport, will follow this spirit.